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Grab the Eraser!

Do you struggle to find things to smile about lately? It seems like there is so much doom & gloom all around us. What with the state of the economy, prices on most things are through the roof, cold, snow, and winter just around the corner. And, don't turn on the TV or the world problems will be right there in the living room with you. War in multiple countries, flooding in others, and fires and earthquakes too.

But wait, maybe this is where we can start to see the things we do have on a daily basis, that we take for granted, and that we should be thankful for. Thanksgiving has just passed and at my home, as we sat around our dinner table, surrounded by family we loved, I encouraged each person present to tell us something that they were thankful for. From the youngest to the oldest, each person took their turn and was grateful and as we shared there were smiles all around.

Such an easy task to do, to turn the frowns into smiles. We all know we are very lucky for so many incredible gifts in our lives and it only takes a moment to bring them all to mind. And if for short periods we are lacking in anything, there is usually help fairly close at hand. A neighbor that would lend a hand if asked, an ambulance that would come if called, a Food Bank that would give us groceries, or a shelter that has a bed.

We all need each other in this beautiful, big world and if we could just be more aware of the people around us and do the little things to help brighten their day the world may begin to heal. Because as Shakespeare said, 'The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that casts it'. When you help others, you feel better as well.

Here are some suggestions: When meeting a stranger, say hello first, and share a smile. Compliment with sincerity. Do a favor without expecting anything in return. Give someone the gift of your time. Share what you can, it could be as simple as a hug or a cup of coffee or something bigger like a ride, or financial assistance. Be a good listener, be a good friend.

Today, is your glass half empty or half full?

Let's make every day Thanksgiving and always focus on the full part of what's in the glass!

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