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Eyes Wide Open! Beauty will be everywhere!

It's winter still, and about this time of year, we are all very tired of the snow and the cold. That's probably a very generous description of how most of us really feel. My challenge as a person who loves to take pictures is always finding interesting scenes or items to capture. Something unique, original, and important, either to me or to someone else. Because I primarily photograph outdoors, just the act of taking a picture requires special preparation.

I'm challenged to remind myself that when I really look there will be beauty in everything I encounter. As a photographer, I've learned to look at things differently, paying special attention to the smallest details. When you do that the world becomes a whole lot larger. Photography has taught me to always be grateful and to recognize and appreciate the details around us and the special moments in our lives. The beauty of this is that, later, I can share the moment or unique find with anyone who cares to see it because I will have a photo to show off.

Live with your eyes wide open and intentionally look for the remarkable and memorable. They are in every scene, situation, and person. Then reap the many benefits!

What surprising finds, that you weren't expecting did you discover in your own photographs?

I would love to know.

Here are some of mine.

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