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Calgary area snowball fight action photo in forest

Camera Shy?

I get it.

If you don't like being photographed, I can relate. But I can also help.

Everyone looks better outside in nature, not in some confined studio. You and your loved ones will be glad you

chose environmental portraiture to capture your special occasions and landmarks. So, relax and enjoy!

Why Choose Country Roots?

The importance of a moment may never be fully realized until long after it has passed. Saving these memories as something worth preserving means you will not have to rely on your memory alone. Whether you choose digital copies, prints, or both, photos will bring you back to that moment--always.

My studio is the natural, wide-open Alberta landscape, blue skies overhead, parks, rivers, country roads and back yards. The possibilities are endless. There are so many beautiful locations waiting to become part of your day, uniquely customized to suit your personal requirements. I love to create unique photos, let me create yours!

Individuals | couples | families | generational groups 
farmyards | special occasions | sporting events ~ 403-934-8545

Framed Original Prints 
Available at Businesses in the Area!

Not every shot is worthy of being framed, but over the past several years there are several I'm really proud to show off. and I'm happy to be able to share a few of them with you. Some of the prints are showcased in beautiful new frames, but many are in my special finds. These are the frames I've chosen to re-furbish and to re-love. Extra care and attention is taken to make sure the right frame is chosen for the print I'm working with . The frame can be as much of a showpiece as the picture itself and both need to compliment each other.

Check out these businesses where they are located:     Strathmore

and      Strathmore

You can always contact me directly as well!

I also love taking photos of individuals, families, special events like Graduations, and whatever else you need to preserve a memory of. Saving smiles for tomorrow's memories is my specialty.

Take a moment to scroll through some of the latest photos I've added to the gallery.

Contact me here:

or directly by phone (403) 934-8545

The framed pictures below are located in the businesses listed. If you are interested in anything specific, get ahold of me and I can make that happen. 

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Auction vaultcalendar2-2.JPG

To See More of My Work

Click on any image below to scroll through
some of the thousands of shots I've taken.

Darlene loves 315426476_10160678812910616_3107641633626742496_n.jpg

About Darlene

As a young girl, I carried around a point & shoot film camera. Even then I preferred to be behind the lens, not in front of it.

About five years ago, I took a leap of faith and purchased a DSLR camera with the hope that I’d be able to master the learning curve. It’s been a very exciting journey thus far.

My camera is my paint brush; just like in all forms of art, every photographer has a particular style. I love capturing photos in natural, outdoor settings, and in unique ways. Simple things can make huge impacts and that’s what I experiment with. Every shoot is exciting, and I love anticipating what I can create, whether on my own for landscape photos or in partnership with my clients.


The value of keepsake photos is immeasurable—they stop time and are there for you whenever you want to travel back to that moment.

Are you ready to record important people, events, or locations?
Got questions?
I’d be honoured to discuss it with you.

Contact me today to set a time to chat: ~ 403-934-8545

If you don't think photos are important, wait until they're all you
have left. 

~Missy Mwac

We used Darlene from Country Roots Photography for our family photos and some social media marketing photos.

I had only mentioned a few things in terms of what I was looking for and she freaking nailed it!
It was so easy

to work with her.

The quality and price point are
absolutely amazing.

I definitely will be using her over
and over. 

~Twylla R.

We didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were
having fun.

~Winnie the Pooh

After enjoying Darlene's football pictures online, I was thrilled to get her to do our son's grad pictures. She was flexible in accommodating us. She made the kids all feel comfortable and even got a smile out of Ethan who fancies stoic-looking pictures. We look forward to using her again this year for our daughter's grad. For understanding, compassionate, and personality-capturing photos, book Country Roots Photography.

~Em G.

Panorama of Calgary skyline looking north, Alberta Canada
Photographer's SLR held by right arm against her leg in the Alberta winter long grass

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